Welcome to the Carbon Reduction Challenge!

If you are a winery in the Northwest, you can enroll your property in our third-party verified certification program. For any questions, please contact Michele Martin at michele@crchallenge.org or 503-396-4094.

CRC-Exhibit A-Application


Application Fee: $100 one-time processing fee for your application

Annual Fees
A member’s total emissions are measured as metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e). Annual fees are $10 per MTCO2e with a maximum of $2,000 and a minimum of $600. New members pay an initial baseline fee of $600. Once the final calculations are remitted, members pay the balance equal to the total MTCO2e, if necessary.

Annual fees are based on direct emissions (scope 1) and purchased electricity (scope 2) from the members’ site(s). These emissions are recorded for the current or previous year of your program start date.