Membership means producing an annual inventory of emissions with the goal of continual reductions over time by implementing energy efficiency and other emissions reduction measures. Members who are successfully verified by a third-party inspector receive certification once they reduce their energy intensity by 5% (typically within the first 2-3 years of the program) for their winemaking facility (grape and wine certification are not included in the Carbon Reduction Challenge certification). To retain certification, members must continually demonstrate verifiable reductions.


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The journey toward energy efficiency and a reduction in energy use involves measurement, goal setting, and technical support to carry out proven cost-saving energy reduction plans. CLICK TO CERTIFICATION
Optional milestones along the path to energy efficiency

CRC provides members with opportunities to go beyond operational energy reductions. These milestones are measuring and reducing emissions associated with other aspects of your business operations, known as Scope 3 emissions, investment in verified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and Carbon Offsets to take action to support community renewable energy and emissions reductions projects, and participation in The Climate Registry to gain national recognition for emissions reporting.

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