The Carbon Reduction Challenge (CRC) offers wineries an independent third-party verification of their energy usage and emissions reductions. Wineries participate in a solution-based certification program that saves producers’ money, improves energy efficiency, reduces energy intensity of production, and responds to and educates a growing body of value-based consumers as to the merits of purchasing climate friendly wines.

Members have many reasons for joining the certification program, such as the following:

  • Having independent third-party verification of claims of emissions reductions
  • Receiving recommendations for winery-specific energy efficiency opportunities to save money and to benefit from local, Northwest incentives
  • Having a desire to reduce their impact on the environment
  • Managing risks associated with fluctuating energy rates
  • Increasing brand and reputation
  • Responding to consumer interest in purchasing environmentally friendly brands
  • Preparing for future regulatory requirements
  • Supporting local renewable energy projects

Members receive the following technical and marketing support:

  • Best practice guide for reducing greenhouse gases and energy intensity per liter of wine produced
  • Checklist of greenhouse gas reduction practices to create a business plan for energy and cost savings
  • Easy-to-use reporting tool designed specifically for vineyards and wineries by Ecova 
  • Invitations to lectures, trainings, and peer-to-peer networking events
  • Support materials to communicate their membership to various audiences
  • A consumer mark to use on their label and marketing materials
  • One-on-one program support
  • Industry report of emissions and future climate change outlook and impact on growers