The development of this certification is in response to demand from the wine industry, which identified a need to deepen its sustainability practices as well as look for ways to reduce costs.

The commitment to this certification is voluntary and viewed by members as ongoing challenges not only to reduce their emissions, but also to support community-based renewable energy and carbon reduction projects. The verification and greenhouse gas accounting tool are based on international standards, providing transparency, accountability, and rigor. The Carbon Reduction Challenge is broadly accessible to the Northwest wine industry, building measurable and significant cost savings for participating producers and deepening the wine industry’s commitment to sustainable business practices with consumer-based marketable attributes. Additionally, the Carbon Reduction Challenge can help influence other agricultural sectors to learn from and adopt their own carbon reduction programs.  For example, the Oregon wine industry’s leadership in addressing carbon reductions has inspired the Oregon Association of Nurseries to launch its own Climate Friendly Nurseries initiative in partnership with the Oregon Environmental Council.